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Mill Renovation

The power of WBG’s vibro equipment on full display, compacting W.O.H. sands while building aggregate piers.

location SC

The projects borings indicated a W.O.H. layer of sand which would cause excess settlements throughout the multi-family addition to a mill renovation project.

While others were concerned about the feasibility of aggregate piers due to this layer, WBG’s engineering team’s familiarity with the local geology and soils, and their confidence in an aggregate pier solution was proven when these sands proved highly compactable.

Knowing the local geology allowed WBG to infer that these were alluvial river sands which would have a very high probability of providing excellent results once compacted during stone column installation.

Building some columns to 40” diameter, WBG eventually settled the entire building pad several inches during installation. With these sands pre-compacted, the load testing and eventual structure performed exceptionally well.