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World-class equipment and geotechnical expertise with local experience.

Through the combination of Betterground’s global equipment and geotechnical expertise with Wurster Engineering’s local experience, Wurster Betterground offers the highest quality engineered ground improvement solutions to the Southeast region.



Wurster WEC

1901—1958: Degen family pioneers ground improvement.

Wilhelm L. Degen, as chief engineer of Keller, pioneers ground improvement methods and invents the Stone Column method in 1958.

1974—1980: A new generation.

Wilhelm F. Degen purchases the Vibroflotation Foundations Company in 1978. Develops the first high performance electric vibrators and sets a world record with 115 foot vibrocompaction.

1986—1994: Continued innovation.

Wilhelm F. Degen and his sons, Alexander and Wilhelm S. Degen, continue to expand globally through Europe and Asia. Another world record set in 1994 with 130 foot deep vibrocompaction.

1997: Wurster Engineering founded.

Wurster Engineering was founded in 1997 by Daryl Wurster in Greenville, SC as a geotechnical contracting firm.

2001: Addition of Micropiles & Slope Stabilization capabilities.

With additional staff and equipment, Wurster begins to offer more geostructural scopes.

2003: Liberty Bridge Foundations.

Designed and installed a Micropile system to support the iconic Greenville Liberty Bridge project.

2006: Sophisticated scopes added.

First project drilling from a barge and the addition of uplift anchor services.

2009: Betterground Ltd. Founded.

After a time of transition, Betterground Ltd. Is established as a new company with advanced geotechnical and equipment expertise.

2010: Blue Ridge Parkway Project.

Repaired a deep seated landslide on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

2014: Asheville, NC office opened.

Wurster Engineering opens its Asheville office to better serve the North Carolina market.

2018: Wurster Betterground founded.

Wurster & Betterground partner to more seamlessly integrate equipment, geotechnical, and local expertise.

2019: Tampa, FL office opened.

WBG expands to the Florida market, opening a Tampa office to better serve the local needs of the state.

2020: Expansion to new markets.

WBG expands its service areas to include VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, WV, and TN.