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Gas Recovery Facility

Multi-Family Development finished expedited to save General Contractor schedule conflicts.

location GA

When geotechnical engineers discovered a shelf of loosely deposited clean sand fill, Wurster Betterground was called to help prepare the area for a gas recovery facility with low tolerance for differential settlement.

During the design process, WBG identified two critical hazards to the installation and long term performance of the facility.

1. The highly variable loading pattern on the mat foundation presented a risk of differential settlement and cracking of the slab. With parts loaded heavily, and some loaded extremely lightly, a hand layout of the aggregate piers was required to support the heavy processing machinery on the slab.

2. Additionally, WBG identified the risk of a global stability failure which could be caused by the compaction of loose sands during the installation of aggregate piers. WBG developed an installation sequence which protected the integrity of the working platform while also compacting the sand to mitigate future differential settlement issues.

WBG mobilized within the week with a design completed and finished the job in record time to bring the project schedule back on track.